WinSTB ChannelEditor
WinSTBCHedit can be used to administrate the WinSTB Channel database without MS-Access. 

WinSTBCHedit EXE only - downloads: 4485 (VB Runtime necessary)
WinSTBCHedit complette install - downloads: 14161
WinSTBCHedit readme - downloads: 868

As the program is still experimental, please make a backup of your WinSTB database (WinSTB.mdb)  before you use the program.

At the first start of the program you are asked for a language (German or English) and the directory of your WinSTB database (Default: C:\WinSTB\DATABASE\WinSTB.mdb). This path is saved in the registry, therefore you have to enter this path only the first time (may be changed with the "Settings" button).

After the successful start the program shows three groups of commands:
DB Explorer Functions:
This group of commands provides a rather raw access to the database. You may overwrite values, add or delete records and you can use copy and paste. In each case you have to know what you do... (If you delete a channel in the CHANNELS table, you have no possibility to recreate it, despite the use of a backup database or rerun a channel scan). The second problem is that you have to avoid inconsistencies by your own (as for example rename a favourite group in the FAVNAME table, but keep the old name in the FAVOURITE table). With the "Edit Favorite Groups" (see below) command this problem is automatically handled by the program.
To use this mode, select the table you want to work with in the listbox. Click on "ShowTable" (or double-click the entry) and all records are shown in the data grid. With a double - click on a cell you can overwrite the value. The change is saved to the database immediately.
If you select a column (with the blue field descriptor in the first line), the table is sorted according to the selected column. If you select one (or several) lines and do a right - click on the first blue line item with the mouse, a context menu appears where you may delete the line (or lines). With copy the currently selected lines are copied to the clipboard. Paste adds the content of the clipboard to your table. The paste function is allways "non-destructive" - your selection is not replaced by the content of the clipboard. You can press on esc to quite this function without action.

These function are useful after a new channel scan. With "Delete empty channels" you can delete all channals from your database wich are marked as 'empty'. On my system I had around 80 'empty' channels after a full channel scan for the ASTRA 1X satellite. With "Delete SpecialChars" all + characters in the channel names are deleted (on my system the Channel "RTL Television" was 'disturbed' by several + signs... With "Compact database" your database is compressed, some WinSTB databases are around 6 MB in size, where approx. 600 kB would be sufficient.
This function also corrects some "small" problems in your database.

With "Settings" you can change the path of your WinSTB database, as well as change the language and switch on or off then coloring of radiochannels.
In addition you can check if the "primary key" is valid for the "CHANNES" table. Sometimes a missing key creates problems in the channelscan routine of WinSTB.

Normal User Functions (Add / Rename / Delete / Favourites):
To start the Favorites manager please use the Show/Edit Channels button (This is automatically started when the program is loaded, therefore you only need to push this button after you did something else like renaming favorite groups).
You will find all channels which are currently in the database as well as their actual given favorite group or groups listed in the data grid.
IMPORTANT: All channels who are not set to a specific favorite group are shown as 'ZZZZ' (this is just to simplify the sorting). Channel names and numbers can be overwritten with a double - click on the channel name or the number (but not the source, provider and the number inside the favorite groups - use "Change FavoriteNr" for this porpose).

You have four possible filters: TV, Radio, encrypted and unencrypted channels. At start you have always all channels. To activate a filter, just unset the tag (the program will ask you if you want to save your changes if you have already changed anything like a channel name or a Favorite setting).

To sort by a specific column: click on the column description (the blue one) .

To delete one (or several) channels select these channels with a click on the first blue line item with the mouse and click on "Delete Selection" (alternativly you can right click in the selection and a context menu appears where you may choose delete).

Adding a channel to a favorite group is simple: right - click on the "FAVORITE" field of the selected channel and select the favorite group in the listbox (the number inside the favorites is the number of the channel itself - this can be changed with "Change FavoriteNr"). You can also select several lines and click on "Put Select in group..." Choose your favorite group and all channels are set to the selected favorite group.

You may also use "Drag + Drop" to put channels in one "Ersetzen" (=replace) or several "Hinzufügen" (=add) favorite groups.

With the command " Save Fav. Channels" the actual list is saved to your database.

With "Change FavoriteNr" you can bring some sorting in your Favorites. Just overwrite the Number in the "Nummer" field (here it is NOT important if you have duplicates of "missing" numbers). Having a "good" sorting in the Favorites is very useful if you run a new channel scan, as these numbers remain while the Channel numbers are overwriten.

If you have selected all your favorites, you may sort them by a click on then blue "NAME" or "FAVORITE" column (or even better the "FNum" column). Then you can use the "ReNumber" command button and all channels are sorted according to your favorites even in the "all channels" view in WinSTB.

With the command "Edit Favorite Groups" you can open the FAVNAME table. Here you may change the name of your favorite groups (double click) please note the max. of 30 chars, but you may also add a new group or delete an old group (right click on the first blue column). If you delete a favorite group, the setting of all channels for this group is also deleted (the channels itself are not deleted). The "OrderID" field determines the sorting of the favorite groups in WinSTB. You can overwrite the numbers in order to achieve your preferred order of favorite groups.

Sometimes WinSTB creates several entries for one channel with different frequencies. In this case the relation of the channel within the Favorites is not unique. You can correct this with the "Show/Edit Duplicates" command. If you click on "Show/Edit Duplicates" and you get an empty window, everything is ok. Otherwise all channels with multiple entries are shown. Which channel-entry is the best one concerning quality, must be tested within WinSTB. If you know the best entry, you may delete the other entry/entries (right click on the first blue column to show the appropriate context menu) and keep the one with the best quality.

Have fun!

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